• "I had severe lower back pain. I tried the typical medical treatment of drugs and rest to no avail. Then one of my friends recommended Dr Tury. Within 1 week my pain was substantially reduced. My only regret is that I didn't call Dr Tury sooner. Do not suffer with the pain. Get help right away. You will be surprised how quickly it can go away."
    Jack P.
  • "I had chronic low back pain for 10 years.I tried orthopedists, anti Imflamatories, and other chiropractors. My sister referred me to her chiropractor, Dr Tury. Dr Tury uses a light technique called activator. This is an instrument adjustment that painless and very effective. He cured my pain where other chiropractors gave me minimal relief. Don't wait and follow Dr Turys instructions of back exercises."
    Cissy S.
  • "I had chronic neck and shoulder pain with limited range of motion and numbness in my left arm. It was 6 weeks in duration, and I treated my pain with Ibuprofen and ice.I was referred by a coworker who was a patient of Dr Tury's. After 1 week of treatment I started regaining mobility in my neck and the pain started to subside. The sooner you start with Dr Tury the better off you'll be."
    D Allen
  • "I had back and neck pain for 6 years.I tried pain killers and massage therapy with no relief. Then my mother told me to try her chiropractor, Dr Tury. Within a few treatments my back and neck pain was reduced and now I'm pain free. Initially I was a skeptic and tried chiropractic as a last resort. Now I wish I would have tried chiropractic much sooner.I would encourage anyone to give it a try."
    Amanda L.
  • "I had chronic headaches fo 24 years. I tried Biofeedback.OTC painkillers, and 2 other chiropractors with no relief.I was referred by a friend to Dr Tury. Since going to Dr Tury my headaches have been greatly reduced and can stop taking medication everyday which was destroying my stomach."
    Gary L.

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